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It helps you to keep record of the exact amount of time you spend on projects
0.5 (See all) Time Tool helps you keep record of the exact amount of time you spend on one or more projects. It allows you to add your projects or tasks (one at a time) and start and stop their individual time counter. The program can also work in portable mode, so that you can continue to track your projects even if you work on different PCs.

Despite being easy to use, the program's interface is pretty crude, and it could have a much better design. It basically displays the list of your current tasks, so that you can select any of them to start its counter or press any button to stop it. You have to be very careful not to select a task by accident, as the program will start its counter as soon as it is selected. On the other hand, when you start the counter for a task, any other counter that might be currently running is automatically stopped – the developer assumes that a person can only work on one task at a time, which might be a setback in some particular situations.

Besides adding projects and starting or stopping time counters, you can also delete any of the projects, reset the timers for all your projects, rename your tasks, and export them to a list in CSV format. When you add a new task, you must provide a task number and a description. The task number – which can actually be a word – can be used for more than one task, which is very useful to easily identify related tasks. All these features can be accessed from the main window, so that you never lose sight of your task list.

In short, Time Tool is an application that provides a very important resource for project managers. However, it could be improved in more than one way.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Can work in portable mode
  • Allows you to reset the time counters for all your projects at once
  • You can export your project list to a disk file in CSV format
  • Allows you to assign the same project number to more than one task for easy identification


  • The user interface is pretty crude and could have a much better design
  • You have to be very careful not to select a task by accident
  • Does not allow you to activate the time counter for more than one task at a time
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